Return Policy

Inoltre Company strives for 100% customer satisfaction whenever reasonably possible. If Inoltre cannot satisfy the customer, the company may accept timely return of purchased items in original condition for credit or full refund of payment. Custom-made apparel delivered to customer is not returnable if it meets at order entry specifications but may be subject to adjustment if the Sales Professional who sold the garment deems such to be practical. Shoes and ties are not returnable if worn by the customer after delivery and acceptance. Upon ordering non-custom apparel, and before delivery and acceptance, the customer has 30 days to inform the Sales Professional who enters the order of the customer’s intent to cancel the order for the non-custom apparel. The company reserves the right to make reasonable efforts to correct any initial issues relative to delivered merchandise to the reasonable satisfaction of the customer. The company in its discretion may not accept responsibility for the return of delivered merchandise deemed unacceptable for reasons not the fault of the company or its tailors.