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Inoltre has rights to source some of the most exclusive and powerful brands in the clothing industry. Our ability to represent these brands highlights our commitment to offer clients the best products available. We produce all of our clothing in custom form and source the raw materials from a list of the most reputable


Inoltre Luxury

Custom MTM/Bespoke mens and women suits and shirts

We source a collection of high-quality wools for suiting, jackets, and trousers from up-and-coming mills around the world. We bunch these wools together to create our private collection that includes the Inoltre Luxury Signature Series, the Inoltre Luxury Separates Collection, the Inoltre Specialty fabrics (tweed & overcoats), and the Inoltre Premium Series. These expansive collections each eclipse the competition in terms of value and selection.

Suits Starting From $495.00

Vitale Barbers Canonico


Vitale Barbers Canonico has over 500 years of history in supply luxurious fabrics of top-notch quality to happy customers all over the world. Vitale Barbers Canonico is one of the key players in the fabrics manufacturing industry and stands at the pinnacle of excellent craftsmanship.

Suits Starting From $645.00



For over two centuries, since 1815, Guabello's profound relationship with its surroundings, and its history of craftsmanship, expertise, and excellence.

Suits Starting From $755.00

Reda 1865


Reda has been making high quality cloth in Northern Italy since 1865. The top quality of Reda fabrics is achieved by a carefully controlled production process and an inexhaustible endeavor to perfect the yarn.

Suits Starting From $995.00



n the 1970s, Drago began as yarn weavers, providing yarn to mills in Biella, Italy. With the acquisition of a mill in 1993, and with technological investments over the following 10 years, Drago grew to become one of the few fully integrated woolen mills in Italy.

Suits Starting From $1,050



Huddersfield is known for their long history and innovative spirit. The Huddersfield tradition features fine woollen and worsted manufacture. It is a family enterprise with skills and expertise handed down from one generation to another. 

Suits Starting From $1,200

Ariston Napoli


Founded in 1920 by Fernando Imparato, Ariston’s business model is different… just like their cloth offering. Ariston is a cloth distributor based in Naples, with a focus on using modern technology to compile and manage an amazing cloth collection, in smaller runs, for a select group of partners. Using mills around Italy to produce the cloth, Ariston creates their collection twice each year, for Spring/Summer and for Fall/Winter.

Suits Starting From $800.00

Loro Piana


 Loro Piana is top to bottom the finest maker of woolen suit fabric in the world. The company originated from the Loro Piana family of Trivero, in the early 1800’s and its modern form was established by son Pietro in 1924 when the company was relocated to Valsesia

Suits Starting From $800.00

Holland & Sherry


Since 1836 Holland & Sherry has continued to supply prestigious tailors and luxury brands with some of the finest cloths in the world.

Suits Starting From $1,950

Fox Brothers & Co. Ltd


Since 1772, cloth has been woven at Fox Brothers with the utmost care. The step by step process to create their award winning fabrics involves many skilled craftsmen and craftswomen. Yarn is carefully sourced mainly from UK spinners.

Suits Starting From $1,995

Ermenegildo Zegna


A fashion powerhouse that produces some of the finest fabrics in the world, Ermenegildo Zegna is the staple wardrobe choice for many esteemed patrons who value quality in their perfectly fitting suits.

Suits Starting From $2,400



Soktas hails from Turkey and are sought after by major designer brands and fashion houses all over the world. This renowned brand supplies exquisite fabrics that flatter all body shapes and create a classy look effortlessly. 

Shirts Starting From $150.00

Albini Group


Founded in 1876 in Albino (Bergamo), the Albini Group has always been a family business that today is directed by the fifth generation represented by Silvio, Fabio, Andrea and Stefano Albini. 

Shirts Starting From $165.00



In 1925, Canclini began as part of the silk industry near Lake Como, Italy. In the 1960s the focus shifted to shirting fabrics, and in time Canclini became one of the leading mills for high quality shirtings.

Shirts Starting From $175.00

Thomas Mason


Founded in the late 18th century in England by Thomas Mason, the company was purchased by the Albini group in 1992.

Shirts Starting From $200.00


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