The Inoltre Story


Welcome to Inoltre Luxury Brand. We are glad you are here!

We are a bespoke maker of fashionable formal wears for men and women. We specialize in custom and made-to-order suits, shirts and socks. As a fashion enthusiast, our founder has noticed something missing in the fascinating world of fashion for modern men and women. And that gap is exactly what she seeks to fill through her company!

In her own words, she narrates her story from the beginning:

 “I started this business after going to the clothing store to buy gifts for my father and myself. I observed that all the men’s wears were boxy and too expensive for cheap fabric. Also, I found myself not being able to fit into a lot of stuff I liked because my waist was very small, and my butt, hip and calves were rather large. As downtown Detroit are on a comeback, I wanted to bring something to the city that there wasn’t a lot of! I wanted to bring quality against quantity, and to ensure that you get exactly what you want without breaking the bank.”

Today, our story is even better!

Here at Inoltre, we are hoping to give every corporate and non-corporate fashion-loving male and female a chance at superior performance & craftsmanship, exclusivity, sophistication & aesthetics, creative expression, relevance, and a sense of place & time—an all-in-one package at an affordable price!

There’s still a lot more to our story.

Over the years, we have closely watched the big brands (our closest competitors) and learnt a few things about them. We have analyzed their products and services, and, of course, we do know they have an edge over us, simply because they have been there for years.

However, we consider this an even bigger advantage for us. Why? Because we have gone back and analyzed the market with a view to making improvements, variations and innovations channeled towards serving you better and creating a better experience.

For everything the bigger brands do, Inoltre does MORE and BETTER!

How so?

At Inoltre, we believe you are what you wear. YES, your dress style is your personality statement. It is our strong belief that being well dressed is about fit, comfort and confidence, and these are qualities we strive to give you!

What makes us unique and different from other brands?

We have experienced a phenomenal growth in the fashion market for formal wears, despite being so young in the fashion market. The reason is simple—WE SERVE YOUR NEEDS BETTER!

How so?

Our competitors offer off-the-rack clothing made to industry standards because they want lots of money. And that’s not the only reason. Nope! They do it because they are insensitive to your specific needs. We saw customers wearing a lot of ill-fitting clothing that were presented and hyped as the standard, but honestly none of the individuals that comes to Inoltre are standard.

We are doing something different at Inoltre. Because we are sensitive to your particular needs, we feel you deserve better, you should be different and not grouped; simply put we feel our customers should stand out! We offer bespoke wears. What does this mean for you? It means we take the time and effort to make clothes custom-made just for you. We don’t believe in mass-produced, factory standard clothes which are mediocre at best. Our suits and shirts are made from the scratch and are of hand-craft quality, with particular attention to your needs—fit, fabric texture, body shape, lifestyle, choices and preferences.

At Inoltre, we hold the belief that there’s something for everyone. Our made-to-order service caters to the needs of our customers in the inner cities—something the big brands don’t do. We do this to provide our inner-city community the same opportunities as everyone else, that’s why we strive to provide suiting without breaking the bank, so that the less fortunate are able to experience not only looking good but having a suit made to properly fit them and customized to the liking of them.

Unlike the big, inefficient brands (who are only interested in your money), we do not involve middlemen. We deal directly with you, and that’s good for you and us! Why? Your happiness and satisfaction is our top priority. In the event of any problems, your needs and concerns will be addressed more effectively, as third parties can cause delays and frustration.

That’s all? No!

We offer a whopping $75 alterations credit! This is a HUGE edge over our competitors. In the event that you don’t fancy a style/design, or you prefer one thing over the other in your garment, we are ever available to grant your wish. The so-called big brands don’t offer opportunity for alterations, and that is why we are better than them!

Because we are Inoltre, we speak the language of superior performance, craftsmanship, exclusivity, sophistication & aesthetics, innovation and creative expression.

Your style is your personality statement, your story in graphic form. We know you have a passion to tell your story and share your heritage. And we want to help you tell and share these the best way—the Inoltre way!

Find what you love, and we can deliver it to you.

 We are very passionate about serving you the best. You probably have already figured that out.

Thanks again for stopping by Inoltre Luxury Brands.

—Krystle C. Hawkins

How It Works—The Inoltre Process:

Basically, we walk our customers through the following steps, geared towards establishing the best customer/client experience. Check them out below.


 First the customer can meet us on our website or any of our physical shops, where he/she can book an appointment with us. The client meets our experts, who then guide him/her to make the best decisions on style, design, fit, fabric texture, lifestyle and other nuances that can make the difference. You state your preference, we only guide.


Next, we take a detailed record of your body measurements. If it’s a suit or shirt, we pay attention to design details like pockets, lapels, cuffs, linings, buttons, etc. You also decide your preferences on such things as canvas style, shoulder padding, and canvas design. These little details can determine the final result of your design. You don’t need to worry if you are not familiar with these technical terms. You can trust our experts completely to guide you on this.


Our design specialists promptly get down to work as soon as an appointment has been booked with you. They set about it with such professionalism and passion that’s directed towards one goal—creating a perfect-fitting, classy design that meets all your expectations. The designs are hand-craft and from-the-scratch, with you solely in mind.

At least once during the production stage, you are invited over, if there’s need for alterations.


Finally, your suit is ready! It’s time to go pick it up. Everyone is happy—you are satisfied, and our designers are proud. To make sure everything is complete now, you will be asked to wear your new suit/shirt. Hopefully (as is always the case), you are thoroughly satisfied. However, if need be for any alterations, it can be done promptly right there.